North Texas Canine Massage & Warm Water Swimming
"healing dogs from the inside"

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Why Do Dogs Need Massage?

North Texas Canine Massage

Dogs get stressed…and their bodies have ailments just like ours do!  But they don’t have a way to relieve the stress or pain…

Massage benefits the whole body; it releases toxins trapped in tight muscles, therefore relaxing the muscle. Massage also aids in the detoxification of chemicals which your dog’s body produces to deal with stress, and positively affects the various body systems (circulatory, lymphatic, etc).

North Texas Canine Massage provides non-invasive therapy that assists your dog with specific health issues & provides preventative maintenance to improve the health, well-being (physiological & psychological) and overall quality of life of your loved companion.

The Benefits of Canine Massage:

  • Relaxes tired or overworked muscles
  • Eases the strain caused by inactivity & prevents or delays muscular atrophy related to forced inactivity
  • Aids in rehabilitation post injuries and surgeries
  • Increases circulation
  • Maintains & restores flexibility of joints and muscles
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Enhances detoxification
  • Improves behavioral issues and socialization
  • Enhances body awareness
  • Provides an opportunity for caretaker to examine pet
  • Enhances bonding & relationship with humans
  • Provides comfort

Canine massage is recommended for all dogs, especially for Agility/Athletic Dogs, Pre & Post-Surgical Dogs, Geriatric Dogs, Police K-9 Unit Dogs, Show Dogs, Search/Rescue Dogs, Guide Dogs, and even puppies.  Massage benefits all types of dogs!!

It is important to know that canine massage is not a substitute for qualified veterinary care.  Canine massage is intended to enhance your dog's overall well being and complement the care provided by your veterinarian.


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